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Scholarships and Payment plans are available

Herbal Apprenticeship with Marita A. Orr
“The Science & Art of Herbalism Home Study Course” by Rosemary Gladstar.

     January 2018 - November 2018

$300 Deposit due November 1, 2017 

Cost: $850 (+$300 deposit) includes all instruction, materials, correspondence course ($375 value), 5 hours of class time monthly, correction of all homework, a certificate from Marita A. Orr and Sage Mountain signed by Rosemary Gladstar upon completion.

Class Begins January and meets each month on the 4th Saturday, from 11-4: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and graduation in November

You will be given a course overview, herbal lab time and study group. In addition, this 10 Lesson course includes Rosemary’s core curriculum, a specially designed binder, correction of all homework, and a certificate upon successful completion of the course from both Marita A. Orr and Sage Mountain.

After completing this program, you’ll be confident in your ability to care for yourself, your family, and your friends with natural medicines. You will also have a solid foundation for further training should you desire to become a practicing clinical herbalist

This course is designed to enrich your personal experience with the plant world and using them in medicine making. Please contact me for more information.

A Note from Rosemary about the course!
“The Science & Art of Herbalism Home Study Course is not a clinical level program, nor is the focus only on medical herbalism. Rather, the course builds a firm foundation upon which to continue to build one’s herbal education. It guides the student into the many areas and aspects of herbs providing pathways to deepen one’s awareness. The students complete the course with a well-rounded and grounded herbal education. The course is geared towards the beginner/intermediate students of herbalism, though I’ve had many knowledgeable well-trained herbalists sign up. They use the course material as a review and/or to better organize their own source of knowing and information. The Science & Art of Herbalism provides a systematic comprehensive way to organize one’s studies and gives excellent resources and techniques for doing so.” - Rosemary Gladstar

Courses For Working with Intention

Did you know that along with Herbal, Aromatherapy and Gardening Classes and I also love and teach multi-denominational workshops focusing on Intention?

Intention is practices by every religion.. And in many different ways. 

Raised as an Irish Catholic, hearing about fairies and Mermaids, and being the great, great grand daughter of a Medicine woman from the Mohegan longhouse.
I am very blessed to have been taught so many different ways to pray.
I love my heritage and I hear I hear it beat so loud in my heart.
Working with intention is easy once you learn how to settle in and listen..
We are all brothers and sisters and I am honored to teach all that I know and share all that has been taught to me!
10% discount if committed by November! Another 10% if you sign up a friend!  

"Tools for Working with Intention"             10% discount if committed by November 5,2015! Another 10% if you sign up a friend! 

This is a 11 month course. Begins with the New Year. The classes will be held be held on a Saturday, 11am -4pm, on or  near the New Moon (see below for dates.) Will Include a light lunch.

The cost is $595.00. It requires a $250 non refundable deposit.

There will be a 15 minute meditation included in the beginning

Intention course dates and descriptions:

January ~    Planting the seeds: language and description of program.
                     Setting intention for the coming year. Vision Board and set
                     intention for the year.. 
February ~ 
 Totems/ Angels/ Spirit Guides. Leather and Bead Medicine
March ~     
 Pendulum work and Gemstone Properties. Gemstone
April ~           Intro to Meaning of the Numbers, Sacred Geometry,
                      Numerology and Angel Numbers. Creating your personal
May ~           Sacred Space and Intentional Gardening... Phen shui, History
                      and lore of the plants. Intentional Container Garden.
June ~          
Sacred Symbols: Henna, Japanese and astrology.
                      Henna/Glitter tattoo.
July ~            Sacred Oils. Aromatherapy and Sacred uses. Perfume locket
August ~        Metals and what they attract. Organite healing disc.  September ~ Herbs and Salts. Spiritual Bathing. Smudge mix 
October~      Trees. Leather, Stone and Wood Rattle.
November ~ Colors. Chakra balancing. Personal Healing Wands..

"More Tools For Working With Intention"
10% discount if committed by November 5,2015! Another 10% if you sign up a friend! 

Intention course dates and descriptions:

January  Moon Phases & Moon Bottle. Planting the seeds: Setting
                     intention for the coming year. 
February~   Gemstone Healing &Gemstone Elixirs.
March~       Sound Therapy & Ohm Tuning Fork.
April~          The flower of life and Table cloth grid.
May~           Planting With Intention~ Themed Gardens. Fairy Container
June~           More Mandala Verdict Numbers.
July~             Meditation and Personal Face Mask making. 
August~        Natural Grasses and Fibers &Intro to Basket Weaving.
September~ Orgonite cloud buster.
October~     Medicine Pouch & Felting
Candle Magic.


Henna Gathering 2016

Please come and be inspired and instructed by Willow Diana
~A Blessing , A Wish, A Simple act of Love.~
Henna Gathering with Willow Diana
Saturday June 4,2016
$10 donation due that evening

Kits available for $20.00 for those that personally message me here or on Facebook prior to the event. 
You must personally register for your spot as there is a limit of 17 during the indoor months.... you can register by messaging me marita328@msn.com  or on face book.

A Candle Gathering

$10~ supplies included
pay that evening. 

We will be working with white candles and primary colors, oils, and herbs selected to correspond to the season and the moon sign. There will be a short guided meditation . Do not forget to bring your Intentions to release. We will be adding those too!

Herbal Practice in Everyday Use WITH Sarah Elizabeth

There are 3 different events. Each will feature the herbs currently in season!

Saturday, September 17,2016  10-12 am weather permitting

$75.00~ Includes all supplies and a sample for the day.
You will also receive a small sample of the salve made with the herbs currently in season.

  There is a minimum of 4 participants.

Come, join a hands-on approach to the different uses of herbs in the everyday

You will explore the 'herstory', folklore and practical use of herbs.

You will learn all about the herb from the root up! Touch it, smell it, eat it!
You will enjoy a wild Salad and infusion with the herbs in season.

A simple salve will be demonstrated. If time permits one of the vinegars as well.

A Note from Sarah!
I am an Herbalist in the Wise Woman Tradition. I manage three gardens which total about a half acre. I teach, consult write articles and sell herbal products. I am featured on Susun Weed's blogtalkradio program. I have my own radio show, Sarah Radio at
www.theground.town. I have taught at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture and New York Botanical Garden. I currently teach at the Green Thumb GrowTogether and Beacon Institute. I have been featured in an article for Rural Intelligence online magazine and I have written articles for Reconnections online magazine.

You can go to
www.withseedsofintention.com to register to reserve your space today! Please select the paypal link next to the corresponding workshop! Supplies are being gathered and plans are being made! Thank you!

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